“If we don’t understand where our stuff comes from, we can’t make smart commercial consumer decisions, because we just don’t know. We’re not aware of it.”

For leg 6 of the 7 Deserts Run, we travelled to the Atacama Desert in Chile, which is known as the most arid region on earth, receiving less than 1mm of rain (0.004 inches) a year.

Unfortunately, very little of the Atacama is still pristine due to the extensive mining taking place in the region for minerals, many of which are used in the production of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices on which our lives rely on.

These mines and the scars they leave, serve as a stark reminder of our insatiable consumerist appetite and highlights the need for smart & conscious consumer decision making.

Produced by The African Attachment
Colour Grading / Online by Leon Visser

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